BeeTeeLife Blog On Africa


Beetee Life is a blog on Africa. It is a diverse and rich continent with many fascinating topics to explore. BeeTeelife is your go-to blog to understand the continent. Some of the topics I explore through my content include: Here are some of the best topics related to Africa:


African History: 

  • Ancient Civilizations: Explore the history of civilizations like Ancient Egypt, Carthage, and Axum.
  •  Colonialism and Independence: I look at the impact of European colonization and the struggles for Independence across Africa, as well as Neo neo-colonialism and apartheid.
  •  Apartheid in South Africa: Study the system of racial segregation and its eventual downfall.
  • African Languages: Delve into the vast array of languages spoken on the continent and their cultural significance.

Cultural Diversity

  •  Traditional Music and Dance: Explore the rhythmic and melodic traditions that vary across regions.
  •  Art and Sculpture: Learn about traditional and contemporary African art, including mask-making, beadwork, and modern art movements.

Wildlife and Conservation: 

  • African Safaris: Discover the incredible biodiversity of African wildlife, including the “Big Five” and many other species.
  •  Conservation Efforts: Investigate ongoing efforts to protect endangered species and ecosystems, like anti-poaching initiatives and national parks.

Geography and Landscapes:

  • Sahara Desert: Learn about the world’s largest hot desert and its unique challenges and adaptations.
  •  Great Rift Valley: Explore the geological wonder that spans several countries and has led to diverse landscapes and cultures.

Health and Development:

  • Disease and Global Health: Study the impact of malaria, HIV/AIDS, and Ebola on African populations and global health efforts.
  •  Sustainable Development Goals: Examine how African nations work toward achieving the United Nations’ development goals.

Literature and Writers: 

  • African Literature: Read works by renowned authors like Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o.
  •  Oral Tradition: Explore the importance of storytelling and oral traditions in African cultures.

Modern Issues: 

  • Economic Growth: Analyze African countries’ economic challenges and opportunities.
  •  Political Landscapes: Investigate current political situations, governance structures, and international relations.
  •  Technology and Innovation: Learn about advancements in technology and innovation hubs across Africa.
  • Investments opportunities in the continent: How to use the unique systems in the continent to pick opportunities.

Religion and Belief Systems: 

  • Indigenous Beliefs: Explore various regions’ diverse traditional belief systems and practices.
  •  Islam and Christianity: Study the spread and impact of these major religions across the continent.

Environmental Challenges:

  • Desertification: Understand the causes and consequences of desertification and its effects on local communities.
  •  Water Scarcity: Examine the challenges posed by water scarcity and efforts to address them.

Cuisine and Food Culture:

  •  African Cuisine: Discover the wide range of culinary traditions, ingredients, and dishes across the continent.


  • I explore the African entertainment industries, music, film, spoken word and standup comedy industries, and festivals across the continent.  

I explore these topics through the stories of individuals and different forms of entertainment from the continent without making this a lecture blog. d in-depth, and there are many subtopics and nuances within each area. When researching or discussing these topics, it’s essential to approach them with cultural sensitivity and an open mind to gain a comprehensive understanding of Africa’s history, cultures, and challenges.