BeeTeeLife is a blog about Africa. Past, present, future, our hopes and dreams, current affairs, places to go, culture, musings, business and generally our perspective on life. The goal is to refresh our mindset towards what we as a continent and people are by seeing, scratching that, and remembering our future.

Yes, we are a continent of extremes, but not average. Our sad stories parade around the world. In this blog, we tell of our beauty and excellence. We write these stories because that is who we naturally are, so we remember and face today’s world knowing where we are headed – to greatness!

I started this writing by myself, but today, we continue to grow our Team with like-minded creative minds. At the end of the year, we will be over 100 writers, editors, photographers, videographers and other artists telling the story of a continent we love and are happy to be a part of.

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Our Team consists of Africans of every creed and colour all over the globe. We have one mission: a better Africa means a better World, and we want to be a part of it!

Join Us by reading, commenting and participating in every way you can!

Welcome! Karibu! Dallu!

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Beatrice Annabel Onyando