Marakesh – The Best Wedding Destination

Marrakech, sometimes spelt as Marrakesh, is a popular destination South of Morocco. Couples who prefer to share their union with guests in this exotic city will be captivated by the numerous options. The delightful town is always bursting with beautiful sounds and enchanting sights that tickle your senses. 

Marrakech was built in the twelfth century as a protective fort. The walls, made from rich orange-red clay, earned Marrakesh its name: The Red City. As a Mediterranean city, Marrakech has temperatures ranging from 12 degrees in the winter to 30 degrees in the summer, making it an ideal destination all year round. So if you are looking for an exotic venue to commemorate your special day, look no further.


While most wedding destinations boast of a particular theme, Marrakech has numerous venues and styles to choose from. It is rich and versatile in culture and heritage, so options are limitless. For example, for an outdoor garden venue, there are a variety of hotels and private clubs that have all-exclusive packages. 

Choose from various themes and plan it yourself or for a fuss-free option, go with the many wedding planners in the city. A particular favourite is a Boho-style concept. The gorgeous colours of this beautiful city blend well with the splash of a Bohemian theme. 

If you prefer something more subtle and elegant, chic boutique hotels with clean-cut gardens and soft hues are countless. For this experience, try Kasbah Tamadot, located in the Atlas Mountains and owned by Sir Richard Branson. Your party will be pleased with the panoramic view of the traditional Berber villages. 

Want history? Book the Taj Marrakech Villa. The olive gardens are a century old, and the terrace faces the Atlas mountain. How about something that has the rich architecture of The Red City? Then Amanjen is the place for you. The gardens feature Moorish structures, pavilions, and Maisons, reflecting French influence. Do you prefer embodying the vast desert? Then look no further than Scarabeo Camp. The team can create a bespoke wedding that can accommodate needs, from music to belly dancers. You could also have a variety of activities planned for yourselves and your guests, from sports to adventures.

On A Budget?

While the above venues may be on the high end, fear not; Marrakech is brimming with numerous traditional riads. Riads are old buildings refurbished to accommodate the growing number of romantic couples. They usually have a garden within the building with a fountain. While their exterior remains, most riads have interiors designed to delight couples who love the vibrant tiles and patterns that highlight the Islamic influence. You can choose from various budgets and wander the twisting and narrow streets of the old medina.

What to Do In Marrakesh

Visit a Souk

The maze of entwining lanes in this vibrant and bustling market is worth visiting. The Souk, filled with anything you could ever want to buy, is a must-visit. While it is not for the faint-hearted, you can choose from the different markets you wish to visit or prepare to get lost in this exciting place where you have to haggle prices with sellers. Souk Semarine is intense with colourful pottery and ceramics. Souk Smata is home to colourful pointed Moroccan slippers, some with intricate embroidery and sequins. Souk De Bijoutiers is home to a wide array of jewellery. Buy authentic Berber jewellery set in precious jade, ivory, or amber. 

Visit A Berber Chemist

Fancy an adventure? Wander down and look for the Berber chemists. You can find an assortment of aphrodisiac roots, dried lizards or scorpions, beaks, talons, and other exciting objects used for black magic.

Go Shopping 

For those who wish to window shop, wander and be amazed at the streets selling leather bags, rugs, lanterns, delicious fruits and nuts, and traditional musical instruments to spices and perfume. Enjoy the sights, and don’t forget to buy some souvenirs.

Visit A Spa

After all that discovery, it is time to treat yourself to a spa experience. The spa experience in Marrakech is called Hammam, and it is slightly different from the western experience. Like Greek and Roman baths, you start at a relaxation room with some sweet juice, followed by another room similar to it where you find steam and a sauna. Next, you lay on hot stones slathered with oil and scrubbed. Finally, you can follow with a massage, hair treatment, and more. Most spas are gender-specific; however, there are some that couples can enjoy together.

Dine Out

Immerse yourself in Morocco’s beautiful culture have a traditional meal. Choose from Dar Moha, which covers traditional gastronomy entwined with innovative techniques, to Al Fassia Gueliz, conventional home-style cooking, popular with locals and tourists. 

Prefer to enjoy some performances of Moroccan dance and music? Comptoir Darna Marrakech could be the intoxicating atmosphere where you and your partner will enjoy a romantic meal. For alfresco rooftop dining, you could opt for Terraces des Epices and enjoy some Franco- Moroccan cuisine.

Live Music

While most restaurants have live music and, or belly dancing, you may opt to try Marrakesh’s Djemma el-Fna. They have the best performance in the country every night. This street theatre has continued for ages. If you are early, allow the numerous henna artists to work on your hands and leave with exquisite designs. Then, once dusk falls, the music begins, and everyone becomes focused on it.

Whatever your poison, Marrakech got it. The magical charm of Marrakech comes in a multitude of facets that will enthral your senses as a couple. Together with the enchanting allure of its streets and sights and sounds, Marrakech is a league above others. It is where you want to create memories to treasure for a lifetime.