African Infrastructural Projects You Can’t Get Enough Of

African roads and infrastructure

Africa is said to be among the top ten fast-growing economies worldwide. According to statistics, the population growth of this continent reaches new limits every day, with the annual population growth rate being 2.45% just in 2021. Fortunately for the residents, there is a silver lining as African governments strive hard to provide their people with much-needed infrastructural projects. Primarily based around transport, these infrastructural projects by governments have added convenience in the people’s lives and have also done wonders for tourism and trade.

Below are some of the most outstanding projects you need to know.

Impressive Infrastructural Projects in Africa

1. Rail Development in Africa

Various rail development projects have been initiated in Africa to reduce travel time and improve trade. The Mombasa-Kigali railway, with a total length of 2,935 km, connects Mombasa with various regions, including South Sudan, Tanzania, and Rwanda. As a result, different land-locked areas are getting access to economic activity. Another rail project was the Benguela railway. Created in 2014, Africa’s fastest and longest railway has 67 total stations and a speed of 90kms per hour.

2. Light Rail System in Ethiopia

The next one on our list is the light rail system in Ethiopia. This new year, Ethiopia initiated the Addis Metro. Around 17km long, this light rail is the first-ever, with rapid transit opportunities for those in Sub-Saharan and Eastern Africa. The Ethiopian government bankrolled 85% of the funding from the Export-Import Bank of China. Other than this, other light rail systems are in Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. This infrastructural transportation project has improved the mass public transport situation for the Ethiopians.

3. Puntland Airport

Located in the third-largest city of Somalia, the region of Puntland is home to the Basso International Airport. Inaugurated in January, this Puntland airport has regulated various economic activities for the area and awakened the flow of trade activities. Hasan Sheikh Mohamoud, The President, inaugurated the airport project. The airport’s inauguration is “one of the biggest achievements” of his office.

4. Agribusiness Project in Sudan

Another unique infrastructure project by African authorities is the agribusiness project in Sudan. Inaugurated by Omar al-Bashir, Sudan’s President, this project was brought to life in January as the only 20,000-acre part of a joint billion-dollar project for agriculture. It is located in the northern part of the state and is initiated with a UAE company. It employs a rain irrigation method and will cover 130,000 acres. This project will be the second after the Gezira irrigation project – well-known in Sudan. 

5. Bridge Projects in Africa

Among other railway and highway projects, bridge infrastructural plans have aided the region in avoiding congestion. The Abidjan Bridge, located in the Ivory Coast, is 592m long and connects both sides of the city. It also works as a significant component of the expressway which enhances faster transportation of goods. Another bridge project called the New Jinja Bridge in Uganda will work as an alternative crossing of the river Nile and link the capital cities of Uganda with the borders of Kenya.

The fast infrastructural growth is necessary, keeping in mind the continent’s growing population. Africa is home to various complete and underway infrastructural projects, and Governments play a pivotal role in improving economic activity in partnership with the Private Sector.