Happiness Is A Four-Letter Word

Happiness is a four letter word

Happiness is a four-letter word is a movie to watch if you are looking for a feel-good movie. As with most South African movies, it has many twists and turns. However, this has a West African flavour, with Chris Attoh also having a leading role. Thanks to the editor, I watched the whole movie after seeing the trailer on YouTube, which piqued my interest.

Happiness is a Four-Letter Word: The Plot

Although it is rated PG 14, I think it is appropriate for 16+.

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Happiness is a Four-Letter Word story of three female friends searching for partners. The main character, Nandi, is in a perfect relationship till her ex shows up. Nandi and her friends learn the real meaning of love in different ways.

The script covers three dimensions of love and emphasises the lack of logic in heart matters.


The delivery of the actors was superb. The main actors- Mmabatho Montsho and Tongayi Chirisa, were a flawless combination. I felt Mmabatho is fantastic in her role- genuine and convincing. Mmabatho’s words, actions, and gestures were in perfect sync.

Tongayi also delivered her part of the script perfectly. His seriousness at work and playfulness with his fellow men was terrific. His anger and sadness were so real I could feel them in the storyline.

Chris Attoh did not disappoint. An aura of power surrounded him as he acted in the ‘executive’ role. Attoh was intense, so each word of his character was significant.

Happiness is a Four-Letter Word: Cast

Here is a list of the cast in Happiness is a Four-Letter Word:

Acting nameReal name
NandiMmabatho Montsho
ThomasTongayi Chirisa
ZazaKhanyi Mbau
PrincessRenate Stuurman
ChrisChris Attoh
LeoRichard Lukunku
BhekiSimo Magwaza
MathabaHilomla Dandala
BonganiDaniel Hadebe
PinkiePabi Moloi
Le RouxEmmanuel Castis
LungaiTshiamo Molobi
PascalDidi Mudiwa Ndimande
MilanGomolemo Rl Tsotetsi
LindiweFulu Mugovhani

Generally, the casting director did a great job. One can’t think of better actors for the roles in Happiness is a Four-Letter Word.

The physical features of the actors fit well with their roles. For instance, Chris’ muscular body made him as appealing as the character portrayed.

The Technical Aspects of Happiness is a Four-Letter Word

The lighting of Happiness is a Four-Letter Word was top-notch. It is possible to see the characters even in the night scenes, which tells of the unique talent of the cameraman, not just the high-quality cameras used in production.

The set design and wardrobe are also well thought through. As a movie in an urban environment, the actors’ skin glows, and the aerial view was beautiful.

The angles were varied, giving viewers a complete wide range of views of scenes. The sound was okay, the voice-over sound was straightforward, and even the lowest whisper was evident, as well as background noises like car doors shutting and group laughter.

Finally, the editor wrapped all this together beautifully, especially in the starting scenes.


The script uniquely explores the romantic storyline, and the themes are relatable. The delivery of the actors was as close to perfect as possible. However, some scenes were too stretched.

I rate “Happiness is a Four-Letter Word” 9 out of 10.