Mrs Right Guy

Mrs Right Guy

Mrs. Right Guy is a romantic comedy in which a boy meets a girl, and butterflies grow in her belly, right? Wrong!!! The movie explores the life of the main character, Gugu. Her husband abandons her during their romantic honeymoon in dreamy Seychelles!

The Story

Gugu’s situation is familiar to the many women who have had a broken heart. Gugu builds walls so high that no man can penetrate and sees relationships as scams. The story is a comical drama.

The Actors In Mrs Right Guy

Dineo Moeketsi is a stellar actress, which could be seen in her delivery; she embodied the role of Gugu, which may make one think that she is just coming out of a severe heartbreak, but that makes her an actress.

The suave Thapelo Mokoena is the man every woman needs: successful, high up the corporate ladder, and the perfect eye candy.

Lehasa Moloi is like a rainbow mixed with sunshine; he bodied the role of the guy next door.

Overall, the actors were in tune with each other, with no awkwardness and silent gaps; they had the synergy of friends who knew and delivered the assignment.


Dineo Moeketsi is Gugu Hlatshwayo

Thapelo Mokoena is Dumile

Lehasa Moloi is Joe

Tau Maserumule is Thabang

Thando Thabethe is Anna

Kwande Makhene is Bongi


South African-based Nigerian director Adze Ugah directed this movie, released in 2016. It explored themes unique to almost every woman going through different challenges in their relationship. Will men be able to relate to it? Possibly yes, because heartbreak is a universal concept.

Mrs. Right Guy checked all the tasteful locations; you can’t ever go wrong with Seychelles. The suburban homes were also a hit for me. I love beautiful homes, and seeing a portrayal of them is exhilarating.

The costumes were colourful and tastefully designed, and I don’t expect less; for a rom-com, everything has to be beautiful, and the same goes for hair and makeup.


Mrs. Right Guy had some issues with the continuity, the story plot, and the transition. I feel they could have done better with the story progression because it goes from 0-100 quickly, and most times, I asked myself, when did that growth happen? Gugu’s character growth went from one scene to the next scene, which I know is next to impossible.

You cannot be jaded today and totally in love tomorrow; when did that happen? What caused the dramatic change? The audio quality in some scenes was so muffled that I had to strain my ear to ear to hear them, and in other scenes, they were so loud it felt pre-recorded.

Alas!! All good things must end, so I have to give this picture-perfect but under-delivered technical production a 5/10. It is currently on Amazon Prime and Showmax.