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Young Famous African

I was hoping Young Famous and African would improve, so it took a minute to do this review, but it looks like that will not happen.

Though the series starts with exceptional quotes that make you anticipate an intelligent, entertaining and educative series where young people get to learn from these Young, Famous Africans:

‘When you call, we all respond, and we pitch, we turn up!’… ‘We are a group of friends living the African dream, lavish lifestyle’…’ We are actors, singers and stylists’….

Young Famous and African

Then we go into a series of gossip, fighting like any other cheap reality show. The series is a disappointment and a wasted opportunity to change and transform the world’s perception of Africans. This is because It portrays Africans as barbaric, often fighting individuals with little sense.

‘Johannesburg is where the money is.’ However, why aren’t we seeing the opportunities, the real Johannesburg? Why not present the opportunities in Johannesburg, whether in the view of the entertainers or possible investment? Why aren’t we seeing the great personalities of these Africans?
We don’t get to see these people for the incredible human beings who have perfected their craft to Tee and often transformed the industries they are in. The series waters down successful, hard-working Africans to a group of blond gossips, sex-starved, and bitching men and women who don’t seem to think.

Aside from their publicly known shortcomings (which the producers highlight in the series), we do not see them in the most favourable light. Why not highlight their good side? For presenting these personalities in a way that could not portray their essence, I give it an overall score of 3 out of 10 because the picture quality, camera angles, and lighting are often impeccable, and the sound is excellent. The wardrobe is good; however, the food and locations have been quite touristy except when the venues are in the artist’s homes.

‘Now the world is gonna see everything they have missed!’

Young Famous and African

Not really! The series is a repeat of a cheap American entertainment series targeted to individuals who do not want to think, and that is not an enlightened audience, which is the target of this blog.

Cast of Young Famous and African

Given that, let us talk to the real African audience that appreciates the intelligent personalities behind the series rather than what the script, writers, directors and producers have intended. Click on the links to learn about the artists in the series:


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