Zari the Boss Lady(Zarinah Hassan)

Zari the Boss Lady

Zarinah Hassan is a Ugandan entrepreneur, socialite, and reality TV personality from Uganda, formerly married for four years to the late South African-born Ugandan Ivan Ssemwanga. Zari is also known for her beauty, business sense and being Diamond Platinumz’s ex-girlfriend and mother of two of his children. Her other three children are from her ex-husband. She took over the business empire she and her husband had after he died in 2017. She amassed a considerable fortune by expanding into her new ventures, sponsorship deals, and reality TV program, “Zari the Boss Lady.”

Zari The Boss Lady’s Businesses

Zari and her late husband established Brooklyn City College (BCC) in South Africa. She serves as its chief executive officer after the death of her husband. The college’s satellite campuses are in Polokwane, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Vereeniging, and Rustenburg, and the main campus is in Pretoria.

Currently, Zari Hassan is worth over $10 million. Zari, the Boss Lady, got her wealth from her ventures in Beauty, college and real estate. She also tried music, though this has yet to be successful. She has lately appeared in the reality series Young Famous and African.

Zari, the Boss Lady at Home

Zari has five children. The forty-two-year-old mum often is seen to enjoy the company of her younger children from Diamond though she has three sons from her previous marriage. She also loves her cars and fashion and embraces Arabic and Muslim culture.


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