Fyah Mummah

Fyah Mummah

Kenya’s beloved daughter, reggae artist Empress Fyah Mummah Jahmby Koikai, journeyed on 4th June 2024. She had a musical, acting, and radio career spanning over 15 years. She was born in Dagoretti, 46, Nairobi. Like most kids born and raised in a slum, she listened to reggae. Her uncle introduced her to reggae music and encouraged her to sing. She created awareness of endometriosis.

Fyah Mummah started suffering endometriosis at age 13, which affected her going to school, resulting in her being expelled from different schools, including Makini Academy and St Christopher. She then went to Daystar University, where she finished her formal education.

Fyah Mummah created awareness of endometriosis, a reproductive health problem that affects one in ten women. With no qualified doctors on the continent with expertise in the treatment of endometriosis, she was treated in the US with contributions from family and friends, Kenyans home and abroad, and fundraising concerts she held throughout the country.

Her story, as of many women who have suffered endometriosis, is a story of persistence and strength.

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Fyah Mummah Career


Makutano Junction

Radio Presenter

  • KBC-Metro 101 Reggae Station
  • NTV
  • QFM
Fyah Mummah ‘s Rejection and Pain


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