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10 Fun-Filled Activities For Everyone

Africa is beautiful! It has some of the most beautiful places globally, and Zimbabwe happens to be one of them. If you visit this Easter, you should add Victoria Falls to your bucket list.

Located in Livingstone, Victoria Falls takes your breath away with its magnificent waterfall. It also has other attractions along its foot that you don’t want to miss. Let us explore 10 of the most exciting things to do in Victoria Falls. 

1. Take A Cruise Into The Sunset

A view of Victoria Falls at sunset takes on an enthralling heavenly hue. The boat cruise only takes two hours of your evening, but you’ll beg for a repeat once it’s over. 

As you travel along the great Zambezi River, you’ll feel yourself getting immersed in the region’s long history, thanks to the legendary stories told by the tour guides. Most operators also serve fresh snacks on board to keep you refreshed throughout the trip. 

In addition, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the safe hands of experienced and knowledgeable boat crew members. Consider this activity at Victoria Falls for a romantic getaway. 

2. Check Out The Crocodile Farm

A trip to Victoria Falls isn’t complete without a short detour to the crocodile farm along the Zambezi river. The crocodile farm initiative began in the 1950s to prevent the distinct Nile crocodiles from going extinct. Since then, the farm has received numerous visitors from all around the world. The ground keepers release up to 125 crocs into the river annually from the farm to create a sustainable natural population of crocodiles. 

3. Dive Into The Devil’s Pool

If you love daring adventures, then you should add the Devil’s pool to your list of things to do in Victoria Falls. It is just a few strokes upstream (don’t worry about being a pro swimmer as there’s a safety rope across for added protection). 

Thousand-year-old erosion formed the Devil’s Pool, a natural water collection named for its depth. Taking a plunge from Devil’s Pool is not for the faint of heart, as the drop is over 100 meters. You can only take a dip in this natural pool when the Zambezi River water level is low. This usually happens between August and January.

4. Go For Helicopter Rides

Have you ever imagined flying above the worlds most magnificent waterfall? A helicopter flight over the river can make you bask in this reality; the beauty and splendour of Victoria Falls. 

The sight of the Mopane Savannah, the waterfall, and the gorge spreading everywhere below is overwhelming. The pilots also provide a well-rounded guided tour with headsets during the flight. Every moment of the 30-minute flight is worth it. 

5. Take A Cup Of High Tea

The practice of having high tea at the historic Victoria Falls Hotel dates back to the early days of tourism in the area. What’s more? You can enjoy a view of the spectacular “smoke that thunders” while sipping some of the best African tea on the continent.

The Victoria Falls Hotel is located next to the falls and opposite the railway station. The large stone patio is the perfect relaxation spot. Colourful umbrellas hang overhead to protect you from the sun as you sip your High Tea.

6. Enjoy A Picnic

A picnic on the edge of Victoria Falls is one of the smartest vacation ideas. It is worth trying out if you prefer a more subtle experience. The picnic site stands at the same spot where David Livingstone got his first look at the waterfalls.

You can get to the site via a 5-minute motorboat ride through a channel between the island and the mainland. The evergreen wedge forming the picnic site adds to the breathtaking view.

7. Ride The Steam Train  

The iconic Victoria Falls Bridge is a feature connecting Zimbabwe and Zambia. It was initially called the Zambezi Bridge and took 14 months to finish in 1905.

The Historic Bridge Tour is an unforgettable experience that includes an intriguing history of this famous bridge. You can strap up and stroll under the bridge to take in the breathtaking 360-degree view and completely experience Batoka Gorge’s incredible depth. Here you get a glimpse of a double or full-circle rainbow created by the spray. 

8. Walk Through A Rainforest 

Victoria Falls is blessed with a long stretch of rainforest, making for a relaxing walk in the heart of nature. The rainforest spreads across two national parks: The Victoria Falls National Park on Zimbabwe’s end and the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia.

You’ll find four different sections of the fall on the Zimbabwe side: Devil’s Cataract Falls, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. Several footpaths lead through the rainforest to places where you can see four of them. To experience the best of it all, carry your passport so you can easily travel between Zimbabwe and Zambia through the Victoria Falls Bridge. 

9. Explore The Knife Edge Bridge.

From Zambia, the only visible falls are the Eastern Cataract, which is the second deepest in the series at 101 meters.

However, this site also gives you the chance to get very close to the water cascades. Take a stroll along the paved paths on the edge of Victoria Falls and feel the spray on your face.

Knife Edge Bridge is a thrilling walk on the edge of the precipice that takes you 100 meters above the gorge. You can cross it from February to July. 

10. Hwange National Park – Perfect Place For A Safari

Hwange, Zimbabwe’s biggest national park, has an area of 15,000 square kilometres. Big herds of both buffalo and elephants populate the park, making it the second biggest elephant population globally – after Botswana’s Chobe National Park.

You have a high chance of seeing the Big Five (lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo, and elephant ). There are also endangered species like African wild dogs, black rhino, roan, and sable antelopes.

A day’s excursion to Hwange, which is 104 kilometres from Victoria Falls, is a beautiful alternative for people who want to add a safari experience to their schedule.


Victoria Falls is a once in a lifetime experience. Schedule Victoria Falls in your next vacation. Which of the activities do you think is the most thrilling? Did I miss out on other exciting activities? Drop your comments below.  


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