Tongoro: A Portal To African Style and Creativity


Tongoro is an Indigenous brand founded in 2016 in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. From the beautiful maxi gowns to flare skirts and fashion head ties inspired by the Wodaabe tribe. Tongoro is all about celebrating the female gender. The digital marketplace has quickly become a benchmark for modern and affordable African wear so Tongor found this a great place to promote African style. The African brand continues its operation using local artisans. This fashion company gives local tailors training to produce quality goods that match international standards and undoubtedly create sustainable income for families. 

Tongoro Works With Local Tailors 

Tongoro supplies these artisans with much-needed tools and skills that aid their craft. So, this creates a strong structure and platforms that will give them much needed financial stability. Tongoro is indeed a model for African fashion labels. It also encourages people to recreate their love for freedom through business and clothing. 

The Senegalese have a modest dress culture, which highlights, connects and projects the quality and aesthetic signature of Tongoro. The brand combines both African culture and modern lifestyle. This style gives the brand a wide range of customers, whether they prefer traditional clothing or more modern European styles with tribal vibes. So you can find something that perfectly fits what you stand for.

Tongoro Founder 

Tongoro is an initiative of Sarah Diouf, a 29-years-old lady who was born to a Senegalese/Congolese father and a CAR (Central African Republic) mother. She was born in Paris and raised in Cote d’Ivoire. Therefore, with her mixed cultural background, she has an in-depth understanding of the diversity and richness of African culture. She is the owner of the black women’s lifestyle digital magazine Noir. Sarah immediately noticed the poor coverage of African women’s success in creative scenes and so changed the narrative. To highlight African women in the fashion world, Sarah capitalised on her experience collaborating with top brands such as Audi and Reebok to create something different. She picked feminine stores that allow women to own their sexuality without losing their sense of style.

The launch of Tongoro, an online female wears store, was nothing short of a success considering the likes of Beyoncé and Alicia keys rocked clothing from this fashion label. 

The Tongoro website focuses on understanding the customers’ moods by offering various options, from occasional wear to unique, casual outfits. The clothing enterprise contributes its material to the world of fashion with help from homegrown fashion designers. The fashion enterprise’s long-term goal is to develop retail products in West Africa.


There is a piece of Tongoro for every woman wearing a beautiful African label. We challenge you to embrace the courageous spirit of modern African women. You can get the clothing at their website


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