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Fally Ipupa

Any Rhumba fan must be slacking if they missed the musical stylings of Fally Ipupa N’simba. Most notable among them are ‘Likolo,’ ‘La vie est belle,’ or ‘Associe’ for lovers in the noughties.

The Congolese singer, songwriter, dancer, philanthropist, and guitarist has been a force to reckon with since his foray into music in his school years. Back in the day, he would sing and play conga in church before he began playing the guitar and singing with his family.

Fally Ipupa’s career has been the subject of admiration by fans and musicians alike. He has crafted a unique sound with time, vital in Congolese music. Here’s how it all began and why Fally Ipupa stands out among other African musicals.

Fally Ipupa’s Early Life

Fally Ipupa was born Fally Ipupa N’simba on December 14, 1977, in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is the child of Faustin Ebomba Ipupa and Monique Bolotuli Mbo. Fally has three siblings Tyna, Bony, and Nicolette. Nicolette and Bony work with the now 44-year-old in his group, while Tyna Ipupa is in business.

Quartier Latin International

In 1986, music mogul Koffi Olomide established Quartier Latin International, which commenced N’simba’s career. He joined the band in 1999 as the “conductor of the orchestra.” Ipupa was also an excellent composer, as seen in “Eternelement” in the “Force de Frappe” record.

He also did some intriguing duets with Koffi Olomide in “Effervescent,” a 2001 classic.

Soon, the crowds were in love with Fally, and as is customary in Congo, they nicknamed him “Anelka,” “The Great One,” and “Di Caprio.”

His immense success in the orchestra propelled his solo acts, and his albums Danger De Mort and Droit Chemin topped the charts.

Fally Ipupa’s Solo Career

Ipupa left Quartier Latin International in 2006, immediately launching his solo career. He collaborated with David Monsoh Obouo for his first solo album, Droit Chemin.

David Monsoh Obouo is an infamous producer who has worked with industry heavyweights like Papa Wemba, JetSet, Koffi Olomide, Dj Arafat, and Douk Saga. So for Droit Chemin, Ipupa collaborated with Krys, Maddy Munan, Ben J, and Mokobe of 113 to produce masterpieces, including “Orgasy,” “Sopeka,” and “Liputa.”

Droit Chemin was a huge success, selling more than 100,000 copies and earning the Rhumba star a gold record. Fally also received several awards and acknowledgements, including Black Music Awards for Male Artist of the Year, the Cesaire Male Artist of the Year in Paris, Male Artist of the Year in Ivory Coast, and Best Clip Award in Benin.

The star also received nominations for Best Soukous Entertainer in the USA and Best Artist in Central Africa at the KORA Awards. At this point, Fally was very successful and promoted his brand with more lectures, tours, and concerts. He didn’t intend to return to Olomide’s Quartier Latin International but has always pledged his loyalty to the band.

Fally released his second album titled Arsenal de Belles Melodies (A2BM) three years later. Again, he collaborated with Olivia, a prominent artist with a huge fan base in Africa. As a result, he gained more attention and even performed at Stade de France in Paris in front of 90,000 people.

Signing With Label AZ

In April 2013, Fally signed a deal with Label AZ for three world version albums. Label AZ was exapnding its scope to cover Africa and Ipupa got international recognition. He was among the MTV Africa All Stars participants alongside big industry names such as Mr. Flavour, Snoop Lion, and 2 Face Idibia.

To date, Fally has over 40 collaborations and 4 albums.

Fally Ipupa Net Worth

Since he began his solo career, Fally Ipupa’s estimated net worth is about $17 million. Fally’s wealth comes from record sales, performances, and record deals. 

Fally Ipupa Personal Life

Fally Ipupa is married to Nana Ketchup, whom he met in compelling circumstances. The Rhumba icon was younger and poor. But, somehow, Nana saw his potential and accepted him then. Nana was well off, working as a company executive with meetings from Paris to Brussels. Due to his status, Nana’s family did not easily accept him. They eventually got married and the couple has five children Jayden, Vincenzo, Keyna, Malka Monikel, and Marcosins.

The Congolese Star has been chuffed with Nana, often describing her as “his all.”

Well, there’s all you need to know about Fally Ipupa. What do you think about his music? Leave a comment below!