15 African Holiday Spots To Visit This Summer

African Holiday spots to visit this summer are as varied as tastes. So, it has the perfect mix of rustic, adventurous, and exciting summer experiences. Many tourists praise Africa for its captivating scenery and wildlife. 

While some people are interested in the wildlife that populates the savannahs, others would love to breathe in the dry air of the scorching deserts. Many like to relax in hotels enjoying African hospitality, and thrill-seekers want an adventure. The good news is, you can’t run out of things to do. To fully showcase the beauty of some of the countries in Africa, I’ve divided this list into three. Countries to visit for

  • Landscape and Heritage
  • Wildlife
  • Adventure

Here are 15 countries to visit this summer.

African countries to visit for landscape and Heritage

Like every other continent, Africa has a lot to share on Heritage. Before the European invasion in the 15th century, African economies were active, and explorers marvelled at the peoples’ wealth, rich history and culture.

Indulge yourself in this ancient Heritage or feast your eyes on the untouched landscapes that make Africa a phenomenon.


When you think about Egypt, The Great Pyramids of Giza come to mind. Standing beneath these enormous structures, one gets an image of the knowledge of ancient Egyptians and the scope of technology and culture that must have been prevalent during the time. Nevertheless, the pyramids are not all that Egypt has to offer.

Because Egypt, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, has impacted humanity in many ways. See the resting places of the ancient pharaohs, the Great sphinx, and the River Nile, the world’s longest river. I doubt you would quickly get bored.


Ethiopia hosts a lot of sights that have been untouched by civilization. The country is teeming with UNESCO heritage sights. Ethiopia offers gigantic waterfalls and ancient African history due to its status as Africa’s oldest country. It is the birthplace of the Rastafarian movement and harbours a variety of spiritual history for many religions.


Hospitable Morocco seems to have a bit of everything. From vast dunes, an array of beaches, and various remarkable Muslim monuments. Some say that a relative of Prophet Mohammad founded this country. Besides the sights of the Atlas Mountains and the Rif Mountains, along with her imperial cities, Morocco is home to the oldest operating University globally, the University of al-Qarawiyyin. Moroccan cuisine is also exemplary. 


The beautiful landscapes of Namibia make it a favourite for photographers that love to capture the beauty of the untamed wilderness. Alongside its wildlife, Namibia also houses the well-known salt pans in Etosha and the largest canyon in Africa (the Fish River Canyon).

Movie enthusiasts recognize some dunes from scenes in the well-acclaimed post-apocalyptic action movie Mad Max: Fury Road.


This list of heritage sites and landscapes for the 15 best African countries to visit in the summer won’t be complete without Tunisia. Filled to the brim with a plethora of religious sites and Cultural Heritage to explore, Tunisia has long days, so more time for exploration.

These African Countries Are Known For Wildlife

If you are interested in seeing lots of wildlife, these five countries offer the best variety.


Tanzania is well-known for beach locations like Pemba and Zanzibar, Mount Kilimanjaro, natural landscapes, ancient fossils, and brimming wildlife. Therefore it is a go-to spot for those who love the untamed side of nature.

This country is home to the big five: the Lion, the Elephant, the Buffalo, the Leopard, and the Rhino. The Serengeti National Park ensures that you do not miss any of them.


Home to Mountain Gorillas, Uganda is the home of a species fast becoming endangered. Because it has dense tropical forests and the River Nile, the Gorillas, other mammals and birds flourish here. Trekking for the gorilla is an adventure you don’t want to miss.


Zambia could be said to have all the makings of a wildlife enthusiast’s dreams. From the beautiful landscapes that support abundant wildlife to the friendly locals, a visit to the country is a delight. So there are a variety of safari tours and nature reserves with some of the largest wildlife populations in the Southern region of Africa. Aside from this, the sight of Victoria Falls is also a must-see. Kenya

The Masai Mara National Park is a Kenyan treasure that allows tourists to witness the rare sight of a mass congregation of animals and some of the most extensive Wildebeest migrations in Africa.

Besides the Masai Mara National Park, 59 other Kenyan national parks offer safaris. Aside from the Wildebeest migration, Kenya also allows you to witness a Gazelle and Zebra migration.


Although this country is awash with a tragic history, it is also brimming with wildlife. Gorilla lovers can visit Rwanda to partake in their gorilla treks and other sites such as volcanoes, waterfalls, and rainforests.

Countries Great For Adventure

After many months confined to an office desk or a classroom, bring back a bit of colour to your life in these countries full of adventure.

South Africa

South Africa has a little bit of everything. From the wildlife to the historical sights, down to the opportunity of engaging in a plethora of blood-pumping activities. So this tourist hotspot provides you with the opportunity to go for nature rides, hike on the mountains, surf, take a relaxing boat ride or fly fish in serene waters, etc.


Seychelles is a place of beauty because of its sandy beaches to relax on. It also has beautiful scenery so Seychelles won’t let you down if you looking for picturesque scenes. For an adrenaline rush, the islands around the shores are the place to be. Seychelles also has an abundance of activities to enjoy like snorkelling, surfing, sailing, and diving for water lovers.


This landlocked country is one to visit if you are interested in marine treasures. Lake Malawi allows tourists to engage in water sports such as diving and fishing in clear water.

This UNESCO heritage site is host to the largest fish species globally.


One of the most peaceful African nations, this Island country is the 4th largest in the world. Madagascar offers you the opportunity to explore because it has the coral reefs you find on the shores of the Indian Ocean down to the many rainforests, beaches, and desserts. Also, 5% of the total plant and animal life present in the world today is here.


Africa’s most populous country is the place to experience a feeling of roaming an urban jungle. Lagos, a popular tourist hotspot and business capital of Nigeria, guarantees this experience.

Lagos, a state brimming with life, introduces all tourists to the African lifestyle. Start with the famous Alaba International market in the day, then buy food from roadside stands at night. Five-star hotels are available in the city for those that prefer luxury.

So, these are some of the best African countries to visit this summer. Do you think any country’s position is undeserved? Which other country deserves to be on this list? See other African Holiday Spots here.


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