Top 3 Investment Options

best investment platforms for African entrepreneurs

Investment options are numerous today because of improved technology. Many Africans use managed funds; however, we have access to different platforms today. Investing through a platform makes managing funds easier. It also provides access to various investment plans, usually closed to retail investors. However, you need to take time and learn how to do this before plunging in.

With knowledge, you can choose and invest in markets with the best growth potential or less risky ones depending on your risk appetite. Here are some of the best sectors to invest in;

Cryptocurrency Trading

Often considered gambling by those who don’t want to take the time to learn how it works, Cryptocurrency has created the most millionaires in recent years than any other industry. As with any other industry, it involves determining crypto coin price rates and changes through specific trading accounts based on market forces. You can trade cryptocurrencies via exchange accounts like Yellow Card and ChainEX.

Cryptocurrency is an emerging asset with high growth potential. In 2021, it was one of the top-performing investment platforms. As a result, numerous investors purchased it to take advantage of its growth. Below are some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in currently;

  • Bitcoin
  • Etherium
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Solana

How Does Cryptocurrency Trading Work?

It involves trading crypto coins and placing a value on them. To trade crypto, you must have an exchange account. So first, you buy an underlying currency. Then you need to figure out and set the coin’s total value. After this, open a position, and store the token in your wallet account until you get excellent odds to sell.

Crypto trading markets are separated. It means that they operate across computer networks. Therefore, they do not have the backing of a central authority such as the government. Besides, cryptos are digitally stored on the blockchain as a shared record of ownership.

Stock Trading

It has to do with issuing and trading public markets or companies through a formal stock exchange or unlisted marketplaces. The stocks or equities under transaction represent ownership in a public company. In contrast, a stock market is a platform used by investors to trade shares.

Stock trading focuses more on short-term profits over long-term growth prospects. Today, the stock trade is made simple by online brokerages. They make it possible and easy to trade stocks even from a smartphone.

However, before diving into the stock market, make sure you are ready for it. First, you should learn the rules that guide stock trading. Also, you would need tips on how the stock market operates, the best platforms for trading stocks, and how best you can manage your risks.

Real Estate Investment

If you are looking to build long-term wealth, then Real estate investment is your best option. Today some platforms allow you to invest in real estate directly or in companies that do developments. These properties can include land or structures. Decide on whether you buy property directly or invest in a development company based on your knowledge of the industry and market and the credibility of the development company.

Final Thoughts

Wealth creation hedged on your interest in learning how different investment opportunities work and taking up options available to you. As your knowledge grows and you understand, you will be able to make the right decisions concerning the choices you take up. 


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