Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube is one of the top South African music legends. Lucky Dube was born to a single mother in Ermelo, South Africa. The reggae star was one of the best vocal performers of our lifetime. He started as a local Zulu singer and formed a small group named ‘The Skyway’. The best-selling artist recorded his music in Zulu, English, and Afrikaans. The first ever recorded reggae sounds didn’t get much acceptance from the South African government, which banned them from major radio stations. According to a popular magazine, he talked about black liberation and was sadly murdered in 2007.

Lucky Dube’s Early life 

Lucky Dube was born in 1964 in Mpumalanga, South Africa. His mother named him Lucky because she had several miscarriages before having him, thus Lucky Philip Dube. Along with two siblings, their grandmother, Sarah, brought them up as their mother went away to work. He started working as a gardener before going for his passion. The legend changed from singing the mbaqanga style to Reggae music in 1984. Lucky Dube became a Rastafari before the change of music. The music legend attended school, realising he needed to change his family’s social status. Lucky Dube continued life, speaking his truth and making waves in his country and across the globe.

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Lucky Dube’s Music Career

Lucky Dube is one of the top artists, but he didn’t rise to the place of honour without some struggle. He started in a choir, and he rose to the place of coordinator. The Reggae artist started his group and later switched to the love brother band. He kept singing the Mbaqanga genre before he decided to give reggae a go. He released over 171 songs during his lifetime. The reggae artist wasn’t discouraged after his first album (Rasta Never Die). The album didn’t see the break of the day. However, he produced a second album (Think about the children) that caught people’s attention at home and abroad. This second album got him the breakthrough he desired.

He has recorded over 22 albums. Lucky Dube made a name for himself. He has some popular songs with over a million monthly listeners, including House of Exile, Crazy World, Remember Me, The Way It Is, It’s not easy, Tax Man live, Dear Mother, Victim, and Prisoner. Lucky Dube had a very successful career. His ability to sing in different languages makes him relevant to date.

Awards and Nominations

The South African artist received awards from best-selling artists to an international artist of the year from different award bodies. Three of his albums have also won some awards within his country. Receiving different awards made his brand known. Think about the children’s album that was awarded platinum. The Prisoner album got four different awards as his commercial releases sold millions of dollars. Lucky Dube secured a good contract with Motown records.  

Contribution and Net Worth 

Lucky Dube was worth over 1.5 million dollars before he lost his life at the hands of carjackers. The South African artist had seven children. He greatly influenced his society and the African continent as the biggest African reggae star to date. Lucky may not be here anymore, but his albums get millions of views on streaming sites.


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