My Simple Strategy For Gubernatorial Candidates Moving Forward

All said, the reality is none is a perfect guy, all got where they got and did things they shouldn’t have for whatever reason I don’t know. But assuming they want the good of this city. A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. And before you judge them (or me ) each of these men is a product of you Kenyans (and where are the ladies?)
Miguna – that noise your hearing is like the shouting of spectators watching football. You understand the issues but you need to understand the psychology and workings behind the men and women who actually will be working with you. Your chances of success as a governor will be higher if you find a way to get in the advisory teams of whoever will be governor and stop assuming everyone is a fool and you are the brightest guy in the room. If you can do that which I doubt you are capable of, you will have psychologically grown to the level you need to be a successful governor.

PK – you the only one who if you punched Miguna in the face would have gotten my vote straight. A guy, where’s the mettle in you? You will do very well and impact many lives as a corporate leader without changing a thing, probably more than as a politician. However, if you still want it, be the nightmare for whoever will be governor. Be a loud critique, put them on their toes, simply show yourself to be an Alpha male who can stand among other men and hold his own.
Sonko – you might get the vote but that may not be the right move for you now. Stay on as a senator for another term, ditch your running mate, and whatever you think your running mate has got I can assure you, you can get from Kidero and more as his student and workmate, not his critique. You can learn fast and probably are headed to be Kenya’s youngest president but a guy, you need more brain than gangster brawn. If you move ahead – between you and your running mate one will be in a casket sooner than later. However, if your gang has influence beyond these borders (like the Russians ?) you good to go.
Kidero – boy do you need to campaign and money, lots of it!! Hapa hata kama ni kuiba kura iba! You have done what you could in the first five years and learned your lessons – lessons you should have learned before stepping into the office. To stay in – what got you in will keep you there. For a legacy, your big projects have to be implemented however the little things people see should be addressed. Rubbish collection, clean city, water and don’t ignore you partnering with populists (Sonko) or addressing the issues critiques raise publicly. People may not get the big picture but they are the voters.
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