What is Expected of the New Kenyan President

what is expected of the new Kenyan president

The new Kenyan president is expected to improve the country’s infrastructure, international relations, trade,  and advanced technology to increase Kenya’s economic performance. Almost completing his first 100 years as president, is he headed in the right direction?

William Samoei Ruto was announced as the president-elect by IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati on 15 August 2022. He garnered 7,176,141 votes, equivalent to 50.49%, against his primary opponent Raila Odinga who managed 6,942,930, equal to 48.85%. He was sworn in as Kenya’s president on 13 September 2022.

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William Ruto’s campaign manifesto

During his 2022 campaigns, president-elect William Ruto presented the detailed manifesto below:

Creation of employment

Ruto promised that during his first term, his government would invest up to Ksh.500 billion in the informal sector and agriculture. This initiative is expected to create employment opportunities for thousands of jobless youths and women.

Food production and food security

Low food production rates result in food insecurity and malnutrition for millions of Kenyans.

In his manifesto, Ruto pledged sufficiency in food production by receding the prices of fertilizers. He also promised farmers access to cheaper loans by injecting ksh.250 billion into the agricultural sector.

William Ruto did not support the importation of food products. He argued that the government could use the vast amount used for importing food products to support food production locally.

Free healthcare for all

Free health care means that individuals will get health services without financial constraints.

The deputy president promised universal health coverage to ensure that people get free quality health services in all hospitals. The government should consider investing in advanced healthcare machines such as kidney dialysis and cancer detection machines.


National Security is the government’s ability to protect its economy, citizens, and other institutions. 

Ruto promised to hire more security officers and improve their working conditions to improve security within the country.

Manufacturing sector

Ruto pledged to improve the manufacturing sector since it can provide jobs for many unemployed youths.

Areas of focus for the new Kenyan President

The new Kenyan president is expected to improve the country’s infrastructure, International relations, trade,  and advanced technology to increase Kenya’s economic performance.


Kenya has an efficient road system covering most of the major cities. However, building more road networks is needed to open up many towns to investment and economic growth.

The new Kenyan President should ensure that more roads are built, especially in the country’s northern parts. By so doing, residents within this area can easily access health services. 

He should also focus on roads that connect the country to neighbouring countries. An investment in road networks will promote regional trade and improve the country’s economic conditions. 

International relations

Kenya has maintained cordial relations with countries like China, the US, France, and many others.

The diplomatic relations between the US and Kenya have been significant to Kenya in terms of promoting clean energy, human rights, and economic development. The Kenyan economy also benefits from engaging in trade preference programs such as the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). 

Kenya has also benefitted vastly through its ties with China. It exports products like insect resins, plastics, aluminium, coffee, tea, and spices to the Chinese economy. Other than trading, China is also the leading bilateral lender to Kenya. It lends the Kenyan government to improve its infrastructure and develop its economy.

We expect Ruto to increase Kenya’s relations with these countries. But that may not be the case with the Chinese government because the new Kenyan president promised to deport Chinese citizens who are doing the jobs Kenyans can.  

Tribalism and corruption

Kenya is mainly divided along ethnic lines. Tribalism has caused many problems, including underdevelopment, corruption, election rigging, and violence.

Corruption is on the rise in Kenya, with corrupt leaders walking scot-free. According to Transparency International, Kenya was the 128th most corrupt out of 180 countries in 2021.

The new Kenyan president should ensure the quick delivery of justice to curb corruption. To reduce tribalism, he should treat Kenyans equally. William Ruto should also promote the development of all Kenyan counties and impose policies that ensure equity in job selection.


In June 2022, the national treasury cut university funding by 26%. A move that has made many higher learning institutions lay off their staff.

The new president should focus on how well to fund colleges and universities to ensure they train students efficiently.

According to his manifestos, Ruto promised to increase the number of tertiary institutions within various counties. He should focus on this to ensure that many students transit to higher learning institutions. 

Regional and international trade

Challenges like unpredictable policies, regulations, and over-taxation are rampant in regional trade. They promote inflation and other economic crises.

The new president should create a conducive regional and international trade environment by lowering tax rates and implementing favourable trade regulations.


Technology is a crucial factor in the economic growth of a country. Ruto should encourage investment in modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to;  

  • Lower the cost of production within the country.
  • Reduce the production time of products.
  • Reduce fraud.

Investing in technology can also lead to the invention of new products and services. 

Recently, Kenyan Government introduced coding as a subject in all primary and secondary schools. This will develop the ICT sector and other sectors of the economy. I encourage president Ruto to increase government expenditure on coding and provide the necessary resources to all schools.

In conclusion,

The new president should focus on reducing corruption and tribalism. He should also increase funding for new technologies and infrastructure to make Kenya a leading technology hub in Africa. But most importantly, voters expect president Ruto to enhance security and regional and international trade.


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