Nairobi Gubernatorial Debate

So finally got to watch the gubernatorial debate, listened to different perspectives and reflecting on the candidates. This is my verdict:

Having worked with numerous entrepreneurs, my opinion is that there is nothing new under the sun, ideas are common real estate, implementation is worshiped, implementers, when they have done it right, are humbled – you see this in most of the successful entrepreneurs in the world

Five years ago I said don’t vote for Kidero, he had just ideas but had no experience dealing with you greedy Kenyans in the townhall. A corporate guy in town hall doesn’t understand the unschooled political ways of uncouth wild men who will do whatever it takes to get ahead. I felt someone else who had proved to understand this wildness was a better candidate to implement those. However, I suppose his smooth talk, great ideas, and money made him personable to many.
Implementation of those ideas, the same that Miguna was ranting about assuming no one has a clue and have not been implemented in this country, has taken long and proved to require more than he thought, however, he has done the groundwork. You may say he is corrupt, I don’t know but I would say with the number of enemies he has he would not still be in city hall. He has been through the washer and one can see that in the humbled wiser guy in that debate compared to Kidero five years ago.
PK sweet boy but just not ready. He does not want this badly enough, of course, he can be trusted with a child but not with the wolves in the town hall. They would shred him apart.
Sonko, wacheni atokote. He has not grown since the last election. He is even losing it altogether.
Miguna, ideas are common real estate, everyone has them. He is actually a more arrogant and distasteful version of the Kidero of five years ago. He also has no clue what those town hall guys can do to him. With his lack of decorum, it would be a bloodbath and I know he would not win. In one word – clueless

My opinion – Kidero Tano Tena—-

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