Happy Women and Family Day, Tunisia!

Women and family day is celebrated on 13th August in Tunisia. You may wonder why this is unique but after gaining independence from France, Tunisia got one of the most progressive laws that even outlawed polygamy. For an African country but more importantly, a Muslim country in the middle east,  this is huge!

Even by today’s standards, this would make the news. And so I can’t help but join in the celebration of a week that highlights female and gender issues and gives the seriousness of how gender issues affect families.

Every year a women’s march is organized and thousands of Tunisian women participate.

In my opinion, this particular women’s day is more significant in its impact on the women who have benefited through this law than just the general talk of a women’s day. It is important that each time this and any such celebrations are done, we focus on how gender issues affect not only women but the family unit as a whole because whether we want to accept it or not. How women are treated seriously implies the moral fabric of society and the strength of the family unit. which of course determines the future we are creating for the human race.
So women’s issues are really human issues.
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  • Annabel Onyando

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