Why Are People Moving to Africa?

Africa is a large continent with around a total of 1.216 billion, according to 2016 data by Worldometer. The continent is often overlooked despite all it has to offer. Many believe that it is a place of economic or social chaos, but this is not the case. Various developmental projects have changed the region.

Here are seven reasons why many are gravitating towards Africa.

What Africa Has to Offer

  1. Opportunity To Create Massive Employment

First, the wide range of possibilities for a foreigner entering the market is impressive. Most African stores are filled with imports, which means the opportunity for local production and employment for those who dare is excellent.

It is a perfect place for ex-pats and returnees to invest and work. If they don’t mind adjusting to a different culture and way of living. 

The continents wide range of natural resources makes it home to multinational companies in gas or oil exploration. Numerous opportunities abound for NGOs looking to impact to offer essential services and start community projects that governments are too strained to offer. 

2. Adventure and Fun

With work and income sorted, Africa offers various adventurous experiences as well. Both residents and visitors alike enjoy once in a lifetime experiences. Diving with whale sharks, balloon safari trips over the Masai Mara, picturesque landscapes over the White Nile, diving at Mumbo Island, visiting the geladas in the Simien mountains or the Pyramids in Egypt. These are just the tip of the iceberg of the numerous activities one can enjoy.

3. Reasonable Cost of Living

This single factor often turns the tables in favour of the continent. You can live like a king without exorbitant cost. Some places are as expensive or more expensive than many western cities, but Africa offers much more dollar for dollar.

According to Mercer’s 2019 Cost of Living Survey, living in Africa compared to 209 cities worldwide is cheaper. Johannesburg and Cape Town sit at 185 and 180, respectively. To put the numbers into perspective, the cost of restaurants, groceries, and rent are all lower than in London. 

4. Healthcare for the Masses

In the United States, private healthcare is a reserve for the rich and privileged. In Africa, that is not the case. The private healthcare of South Africa and other regions is precisely as good as the USA and the UK. What differentiates it from the latter two is that it is highly affordable and available. 

5, Beauty and Hospitality

Who wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their lives in a location in beauty and great hospitality? Over the past couple of decades, Africa has scored various international awards for the beauty it hides within. Cape Town is still known as the Word’s Best City to Visit, while around 46 of the beaches located in South Africa had Blue Flag status for 2018/19. The people of the region match their surroundings in beauty and hospitality. 

And there you have it! With unparalleled beauty, rising developmental projects, and tons of money-making opportunities, Africa is ripe with possibilities for a great future. Moving here could be one of the best decisions you ever make.