Five Ways To Use Twitter To Gain Followers

Twitter is a perfect medium to gain like-minded followers, like other popular social media platforms. Increasing your followership on Twitter helps you project your brand to a larger audience. Twitter happens to be one of the biggest social media platforms with endless opportunities, especially when you understand how it works. The biggest question is: How do I use Twitter to gain followers in Africa?

With a population of over 199 million users globally, it is without a doubt that Africa as a continent plays a pivotal role in contributing to the success of Twitter as a medium to connect people and businesses.

Statistics state Africa has more than three million active Twitter users, so you need to explore the potential with this social media tool. To get started, here are five ways to use Twitter to gain followership in Africa:

1. Create a top-notch Twitter profile
As simple as this may sound, creating a good profile on Twitter is a trick that you have to understand. If you don’t get it right at the start, you are nowhere close to building a solid followership base. Before creating a personalized or business profile, decide on the type of follower you seek. You do not want anyone but the correct type of crowd to market yourself, your business and your services to. Make a catchy profile picture statement that clearly reflects your brand identity. Use the bio section to describe yourself and what your followers expect from you. Get hold of local audiences by activating your location.

2. Consistent tweeting
You have to prioritize tweeting valuable content every day to create a strong impression about yourself. Make sure you find comfort in tweeting all the time. For years, this has been an effective method for people with strong Twitter accounts… Why is it important to consistently tweet? Compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is a more engaging and broader reach. You can use trending topics and centre your tweets on that discussion to gain people’s attention.

3. Follow and share
Many do not understand that you gain followership on Twitter by following some people and sharing essential tweets. Some captivating tweets are powerful enough to arouse people’s interest and drive them to your profile. It will earn you a couple of new followers. Do not hesitate to use the share and follow button, especially if you are just building your account.

One does not share for the sake of sharing. Ensure your sharing is in a style that captures your audience and is shareable. If it is not, you will not gain new followers from your current audience.

4, Hashtags
The hashtag has to be the most effective way of gaining new followers on Twitter. There are thousands of hashtags daily on Twitter. These are often associated with trending topics. As a new Twitter user, you need to use a hashtag, especially tweeting. It increases your audience and helps people trust you enough to follow you. Of course, you attract like-minded people. You will likely get at least 21% additional engagement with one or two hashtags. You can use a hashtag research tool like the rate tag to get a good hashtag. Make use of a trends map to get more concise information on hashtags. Alternatively, you can check your Twitter homepage for trending hashtags.

5. Social engagement
Getting more followers on Twitter doesn’t need to be a time sink. It simply implies benefitting as much as possible from the time you spend on the platform. Indeed, you should plan your tweets to enhance commitment. You should interact more with other users to gain their trust. This implies commenting on tweets, responding to comments on your tweets and creating a unique hashtag to create more awareness.

There you have it. These are five plausible ways to gain followers on Twitter. Understandably, it requires commitment and patience. The journey to having a strong Twitter account doesn’t start in a day. You have to be intentional about growing your followership. Carefully execute the five tips and earn yourself many followers on Twitter.


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