Things about fitness your trainer does not want you to know

Getting fit is an admirable practice. Finding an excellent personal trainer is a commendable step to a healthier life. More often than not, it requires perseverance and patience to get your desired results. There are a couple of things about fitness your trainer doesn’t want you to know. Would knowing these things discourage you? Of course not! Apparently, these might reduce their credibility and prevent you from trusting in their fitness regimen. It could also be that keeping this information from you will help you achieve your goals faster. Whatever the reason is, we want you to know the truth.  

Let’s get straight to the point. Check out those five things about fitness your trainer doesn’t want you to know:

1. They Do Not Dislike You

A good trainer doesn’t go soft on their client. They give you such hard times that make you think they don’t care about you. Well, keeping it professional would help you get on with the challenging fitness routine. The truth is; they care about you and other things that would interfere with your progress. 

However, this does not mean baring your heart, be professional about what you share. Understand, getting too comfortable around each other might do you more harm than good. 

2. Sense of Importance

A trainer might not show you exactly how much they are committed to your fitness progress. Your challenges and shortfalls are personal for them as well. It feels like you are of less importance compared with other clients. The truth is, they have emotions, too, and a negative remark or your frustrations dims on their enthusiasm. To get the best out of your trainer, you need to give it your all. After all, everyone is working towards a particular goal; to make you healthier. 

3. Money is Important, But It Is Not All About Money?

A trainer would want to charge you before he starts the program. This might send a wrong signal to you, thinking all he wants is your money. If he does it at no cost, you might not take the program seriously as you should. Besides, he earns his living from there. This doesn’t mean he cares less about you. He also wants results like other good trainers out there. The truth is: Just see the money as extra motivation for you to get better.

4. They are human, just like you.

Naturally, getting a personal fitness trainer comes with immense trust in what they can do. A trainer hides his fear even when he talks you through the fitness routine timeline. This point might not resonate well with other highlighted issues; it only shows we are human after all. There may be some doubts in him, especially when it comes to meeting up with your sometimes unrealistic expectation. As part of his job description, he would want to make you believe you can do it. 

5. Your trainer is not a nutritionist.

Understandably, you believe everything that comes out of your trainer’s mouth. The truth is: they may know more about eating well than you, but that doesn’t make them certified nutritionists. Find a good nutritionist if you need nutritional advice. 


All said a personal trainer’s satisfaction comes from your success story. Your trainer doesn’t want you to know some things about fitness that might be for your own good. Perhaps, they are keeping these from you to remain relevant. Whatever the reason, you should always pay attention to your fitness program and seek advice elsewhere if you have your doubts about him. 


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