Destination Wedding Zanzibar

Thinking of the perfect place to host your special day? Do you imagine white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees swaying together in harmony, a light breeze, crisp salty air tingling your nose, or the warm tropical sun gently tanning your skin? Look no further than Zanzibar- an archipelago of Tanzania.

Whether on a budget or planning a big splash for your wedding, Zanzibar has everything you could crave. What’s your poison? Pick your desired location, and they will help you organise your dream wedding. Many experienced wedding planners can also work with you to make your day really special.


You will be spoilt for choice; long stretches of white beach and clear coral seas surround numerous hotels and restaurants. Each hotel is uniquely designed. Among the top destinations in Zanzibar is Nungwi Beach for obvious reasons – it is situated at the western coast to the island’s northern tip. Nungwi Beach has a fantastic sunset view for picture-perfect photography. There is a wide range of restaurants to choose from for your wedding reception. Given its long history and the influence of various cultures, food choices are not limited. They vary from French or Italian cuisine to locally inspired dishes that are a cocktail of cultures of people that have lived in Zanzibar; Indian, Asian, European, and African.


Having a romantic destination is top of everyone’s list for a wedding. But, wouldn’t it be nice to soak in the rich history and culture of a said romantic destination on the same trip? Stone Town is the Cultural centre of Zanzibar and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. European, Arabic, Indian, and Swahili settlers heavily influenced nineteenth-century architecture. It was once an important hub for merchandisers and slave traders. Its narrow streets, bazaars, and mosques characterise the Islamic affluence that the locals remain a big part of. Visit the Kidichi Persian Baths or the Dunga Ruins. The palace was built by the last Afro Shirazi King.


There is no end to the seafood restaurants you can experience in this paradise. Choose from a high-end Belgian restaurant, a rooftop restaurant, or even a Hurumzi House. Enjoy exquisite cuisine with a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and nearby mosques. If you prefer Swahili music to accompany your meal, enjoy a Sunset Dhow Cruise. You will be entertained by Swahili music and dancers during the cruise. Want something much more extravagant? Go all out at The Rock, probably one of the most scenic restaurants sitting on a rock. This restaurant has a mere 12 tables, so reservations are a must. 

Finally, if you wish to express the saying, ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do,’ visit the exquisite Forodhani Garden, an open-air street food market. Enjoy local tastes, thick mango-tamarind soup, puffy coconut bread, scrumptious lobster kebab, octopus tentacles, and the famous Zanzibar Pizza, a thin crepe layer topped with your choice of savoury or sweet topping, cheese, and another layer of crepe. It’s exquisite. Get your food and find a spot at the pier, dig in and enjoy Zanzibar’s favourite pastime- people watching!


A trip to Africa is never complete without visiting the wonders that our planet offers. Seeing wildlife in its beautiful natural habitat. You have access to tour companies that accept last-minute Safari Adventures, anything from 2 days or longer. You can take a ferry or a flight. In four days, you can take a flight and visit Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, known for a high concentration of wildlife in a 21-kilometre radius. The accommodation is at the lodge or in camps if you are on a budget. Expect to see lions, leopards, zebras, buffaloes, and gazelles. Dubbed the world’s 8th wonder, the Ngorongoro Crater should be on your bucket list!


A trip to an island is incomplete without a spa visit, especially at your wedding. After all the adventure and excitement, it’s time for some indulgence. Zanzibar has some excellent packages to offer. You can choose from a couple’s massage and start with a private tea ceremony followed by a floral bath that balances your mind, body, and soul and ends with an aromatic massage. You can also choose from aqua therapy to reduce the aches and pains endured during your Safari or a full-body exfoliation. For additional vitality, go for a body wrap to rejuvenate and detoxify your skin, giving it that much-needed glow. Complete your pampering with a traditional Zanzibar massage infused with local spices. Or, try other international massages – Ayurvedic Massage, a traditional and holistic therapy from India, Hot Stone Massage, or a Swiss massage. 

Roman poet Horace used ‘Carpe Diem,’ meaning seize the day. Does it not bring a tingling within your heart? Are you feeling the trembles of excitement bubbling up? Yes. It’s real. Seize it and make it a reality.